Chris to lead talk at PPMA 2019

As a longstanding respected leader in the industry, advising clients, supermarkets and other bodies, Chris will be leading a talk at this year’s PPMA Total 2019.

Taking place on Tuesday 1 October from 3pm until 3.40pm, the topic will be a discussion of the role of shelf life extension in food waste reduction. With thousands of tons of fresh food and beverages being thrown away each week, short shelf life extension, using existing and novel technologies, has the ability to increase the choice at point of sale whilst reducing the waste generated by use-by dates.

During this presentation Christopher will look at issues around product types with simple solutions that do not destroy nutrients or flavour. He will also cover a novel type of process designed to reduce the usage of CPET trays in recipe dish meals, with a processable, compostable alternative.

Be sure not to miss out on this chance to learn from the latest installations and projects from Holmach and Chris in collaboration with other institutions, with a chance to pose your question at the end!

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