Qbo… The Next Generation!

In response to feedback from customers on the Qbo 3 Line, Roboqbo has developed the latest line of Qbo 4 machines with a range of extensive improvements and benefits, covering all aspects of the machine from software to cleaning and maintenance.


Roboqbo have doubled the size of the control panel to a 10 inch screen with a HD display, which is adjustable to 180 degrees axial rotation and 40 degrees tilt angle. The new software is based on Windows 8.1 operating system and includes an increased recipe memory, user manual and spare parts list. Once connected to Wi-Fi, engineers can order spare parts directly from the machine.


A new Clean-In-Place (CIP) system recirculates the cleaning solution more effectively for a deeper clean throughout, whilst a simplified design, with fewer areas that trap dirt or fluids, make manual cleaning easier. An easy-to-open filter has also been fitted to reduce the risk of solid products being trapped in the vacuum pump. The shelf which sits below the outlet valve is larger, removable and can be fixed at two different heights. Mixer accessories and components have been improved.


An increased IP rating has been achieved from new, watertight doors and integrated seals. The clamp connections from the lung and hoses have been removed to avoid dripping and the bowl now locks automatically when under pressure or vacuum. (This is safely unlocked at the touch of a button).

Service and spares:

Many commercial components have been replaced with Roboqbo’s components, reducing lead times. 80% of components can be fitted or removed with a small Allen key and seal components have been designed and developed by Roboqbo to ensure that anyone can install them.

We will be showcasing Roboqbo on our Stand C30 at PPMA Total 2019 1 -3 October! To find out more about the latest in the technology, come to see a 250l demonstration vessel and speak to our team, who will be delighted to discuss the potential for your product line.


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