Optimum filling for edible oils

Approximately 11.5 million litres of oil are filled daily around the world – requiring reliable and efficient filling lines.

CFT S.p.A. uses a completely automated control methodology for the load cells and filling valves on its rotary filling machines. Their latest rotary filling machine uses integrated weighing technology from Siemens to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and maximum efficiency. Impressive results from the final end-to-end solution simplified the line in terms of temperature fluctuation of the oil, increased filling capacity by 20% and the filling speed to over 40,000 bottles per hour.

The integrated weighing modules control the opening and closing of the filling valves, regulating the flow of liquid, with a back-up monitoring system. When filling, the ‘screws’ ensure the the correct synchronized positioning of the bottle beneath the filler heads. These also ensure that bottles will not be inserted if a filler head misfunctions. All of the automated system is controlled via a touch panel with a simple user interface.

Alongside this latest improvement to existing technology, users of CFT’s latest rotary filling machine also benefit from a very flexible line, which is easy to operate and clean, as well as minimising temperature fluctuations in the product as it is packaged.

We would love to tell you more about the latest developments from CFT at the PPMA Total show on Stand C30 1-3 October this year! Come see us to talk further about potential filling solutions to meet your latest product line.

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