Naturediet Petfood’s new packaging has the ‘Feel Good’ factor.



Tilly Turner waits patiently to try the new Naturediet cartons

Naturediet has introduced a new way of presenting its range of petfood products – a paperboard, aluminium lined carton.

Retorted using Holmach supplied Lagarde technology, this is the first pet food company in the UK to package its products in cartons.

Keeping with the company’s ethos of using the best possible, responsibly sourced ingredients, the packaging is widely recyclable and made from renewable, responsibly sourced paperboard. The food is packaged as a complete meal in two sizes, 200g for small breed and 390g for adult dogs.


Holmach has many years’ expertise providing retorting solutions in a variety of packaging formats, including pouches, cans, plastic trays and plastic pots, to the UK’s premium pet food manufacturers, and continues to be the industry leader.

In addition to the 2 x 1600mm diameter Lagarde Autoclave retorts , Holmach supplied Jorgensen fully automatic handling system which allows one operator to run the whole retorting operation robot, therefore helping to increase batch efficiency.

Find out more about our pet food processing expertise here:, then click on ‘Contact Us’ or pick up the phone, we’d love to here from you. 01780 749 097

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