Food trend predictions for 2019

shutterstock_148467677A new year always sparks a flurry of activity in the national and industry media, predicting what’s going to be popular in restaurants and supermarket aisles across the country, and this year is no exception.

As expected for the time of year, there is a surge in healthy eating, with Veganuary in full swing, undoubtedly helped in part, by the general public being more mindful of the impact that food has on our planet.

Unsurprisingly then, the key focuses of this year’s predicted trends are sustainable packaging and plant based products. Here’s some of the highlights:

Good Fats

2018 saw a surge in nut butters, particularly, palm oil free, peanut alternatives and flavoured butters. 2019 is set to see a growth in seed butters and although sunflower seed butter and tahini aren’t new to market, pumpkin, melon and mixed seed (with the addition of chia, linseed and hemp), are set to grace our tables. Meanwhile, Cannabidol or hemp oil is making its way into numerous products, with claims to help anxiety, headaches and heart conditions. Initially introduced in beverages, expect to see it in a whole range of ‘healthy’ food and snack items.

The refining ability of the Roboqbo is perfect for producing seed butters and pastes, as the adjustable blade speeds have the capability to refine to 20 microns.  A video of the steam jacketed vessel producing nut butter, can be viewed here.

Plant-based foods

Following on from Veganuary, meat-free Mondays gathered momentum and several of the high-end British supermarkets have introduced more meat-free, vegan and plant-based food-to-go and ready-meal lines to their shelves, whilst many high-street restaurant chains have added a vegan range to their menus, to cater for the expanding number of flexitarians.

Lagarde retorting technology, together with Holmach, has many years experience in the ready-meal market and has developed patented technology for a fully compostable, retortable, ready-meal container. Pilot retorts are an essential piece of kit for any NPD kitchen, for the development of new foods to the consumer and restaurant market, meat-based or otherwise. These are available to purchase or lease. To enquire, please call 01780 749097 for expert guidance.

More fibre, less sugar

This drive towards a healthier, plant-based diet is supported by the recent campaign promoted by the NHS and the British Heart Foundation to eat more fibre.

New oat milk products are entering the market and unlike conventional milk which has no fibre, the oat alternative contains 2g per serving.

Chickpea based desserts are expected to be a growth area with chocolate dessert-hummus creating a buzz at the moment, and if the Summer of 2018 is to be repeated, we could be seen to be eating more healthier frozen desserts and even chickpea based ice-creams.

Holmach technology helped develop and make the Freaks of Nature dairy-free, low-sugar dessert range, and are currently working with another free-from producer on a vegan dessert.

If you’re a start-up company looking to develop products and are interested in conducting trials on Holmach technology, please fill in the contact form.

To find out what Holmach can do for you, call a thermal processing expert today on 01780 749097 or visit


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