Cherishing Cherries

Wimbledon Fortnight is over. Move over strawberries, today is all about the humble cherry!


July 16th is National Cherry Day in the UK, and to celebrate, here’s some fun facts:

  • Cherries were said to be introduced to Britain by the Romans
  • They are part of the Rosaceae (rose) family which also includes almonds, peaches, apricots and plums.
  • The name is believed to derive from the Turkish city of Cerasus
  • Red cherries contain melatonin which helps fight harmful toxins, and are an antioxidant.
  • The record for the biggest cherry pie was 18,000 kg!
  • Cherries are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, protein, iron and potassium.
  •  Sittingbourne, is the heart of  the traditional Kentish cherry-growing region.

Holmach has a number of solutions for preserving cherries:

Remember those vermouth cocktails that used to come with cocktail cherries and an umbrella? Well, vermouth is making a comeback and so are cocktail cherries. Holmach has worked with the UK’s leading provider of these preserved fruits, supplying Niko high-speed fillers for one of its fruit processing lines.

German manufacturer Niko, is considered the world leader in the supply of in-container tunnel pasteurisers and coolers. The company also has many years of expertise in liquid and solid fillers for pickled/preserved fruit and vegetables.

If you prefer to make conserve, for smaller batches and NPD, Roboqbo is an ideal solution, although machines are available from 15-550 litre capacity. The vacuum jacketed cut-cook-chill vessel can produce high-quality, vibrant, flavoursome jam made from frozen fruit, in just EIGHT minutes. England’s best-loved conserve maker and Royal Warrant holders, ‘Tiptree’, use Roboqbos for some of its new product development.

Cherries also make a great dessert topping (Think pancakes in roadside restaurants) or for the more refined palate, why not use cherries to top a sponge dessert, as in this video from Roboqbo:

Don’t get in a jam, call Holmach today on 01780 749097.




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