Give peas a chance!

Great British Pea Week is in it’s third year. Organised by Yes Peas!, from the 09 – 15 July  it will be celebrating all that is great about the humble British pea and the 700+ farmers in the UK that produce them.


Health benefits:

Peas are a great source of vitamins and minerals, containing vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, thiamine (B1), iron and phosphorus. They are also rich in protein, carbohydrate and fibre, and low in fat. One 100g serving of frozen peas, contains as much vitamin C as two large apples and more protein than an egg or tablespoon of peanut butter.

As a nation, it is claimed that the average Brit eats 9000 peas a year  – that surprised us here at Holmach head office!

Recently, there has been some health scares with frozen vegetables, which have caused several Listeria outbreaks across Europe, resulting in nine deaths. This is from the product not being cooked prior to serving. It is worth noting that this is mainly attributed to sweetcorn, but Government advice is that all frozen vegetables should be cooked and not simply defrosted. Of course, there are always canned peas..

Pea processing:

CFT S.p.A, of Montecchio near Parma, Italy, provide a total solution for the filling and closing of cans, jars and bottles for the food industry. In addition to complete lines, CFT offers individual pieces of equipment for processing products, such as vegetables.

Telescopic fillers accurately control the pea distribution into the can,  before moving on to a  vacuum filler, which de-aerates the container, allowing even distribution of the preserving liquid and minimising waste.

A can seamer ensures the product is safely contained before moving  to a palletising system.

FS 120

A Sima canning line from the CFT Group

Pea Products:

Peas make a great alternative to avocado for a minted pea ‘guacamole’ as the peas don’t oxidise as quickly, therefore retaining their bright colour. However, using a Roboqbo can alleviate this problem.

The Roboqbo machine is a cut-cook-chill processing vessel, which can produce high quality products, such as soups, dips and sauces, under vacuum, whilst retaining the organoleptic qualities of the natural ingredients, in a significantly reduced time.

This video for a soup made using frozen green peas is a perfect example:

Pea soup _ Qbo

This pea based soup, made in a Roboqbo, still retains it’s vibrant colour and essential nutrients


For more information on how Holmach can help with your vegetable processing needs, call: 01780 749097 or email:




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