Crisp Malting Group launch new Revtech system

Brothers, Frederick and George Smith of Little Ryburgh, Norfolk, set up their first malt house in 1870. Almost 150 years later, having relocated to Great Ryburgh, the business has  invested in the latest grain processing from Revtech, supplied by Holmach Ltd.

Crisp Malting Group is the leading independent maltster in Great Britain, supplying a diverse range of high quality malts to some of the finest breweries and distilleries around the world.

Martin Mizkat inspects malt cropped

Revtech’s Founder and MD, Martin Mitzkat, inspects the roasted malt

An open day took place on 14 June, to showcase to customers the new Revtech technology within the speciality malt house. Representatives from Holmach and Revtech were in attendance.

The Revtech system offers continual treatment of the grain by transporting the product through two vibrating spiral tubes, ensuring each grain is individually treated. Fully controllable temperature settings provide a uniform product and once the depth of toasting/roasting is achieved, the processing time and temperature can be stored, ensuring perfect results, every time.


  • Highly homogenous final product for improved brewhouse performance
  • Improved roasted flavours as grains are toasted in a confined atmosphere
  • Can process a wide range of raw materials
  • Potential for Novel development
  • Accurate temperature and time controls allow for exact recipe replication
  • No gases of combustion in contact with the product
  • Low energy consumption and low emissions
  • Highly efficient heat transfer
Graham Taylor, Production Director

Graham Taylor, Production Director, explains the Revtech technology

For more details about Revtech technology, contact Holmach on 01780 749097


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