A warm welcome to Anthony Murphy

Anthony QboAnthony Murphy has recently joined the team as Technical Sales Executive

  • What excited you about joining the Holmach team?

Working with and for a market leading business. Also, being able to specialise in food processing and a specific product, the Roboqbo, appealed to me. (My previous job was working in generalised electrical wholesale, covering massive ranges of product with a very broad customer base.)

  • What qualities/experiences/skills can you offer?

I bring plenty of sales and account management experience with me, along with a big focus on customer service. I would say I am personable and I particularly enjoy being out in the field, customer facing. I believe my experience of working with engineers within the food industry in my previous role, will help me understand the needs of the customer, from not only an initial sales perspective, but also aftersales and account management.

  • What have you learnt since joining the company?

My focus so far has been with Roboqbo. I have enjoyed learning about the features and benefits and how such things as vacuum cooking can benefit the manufacturer, by speeding up the process time, but keeping the natural colour, flavour and texture. I have also enjoyed learning how to use the machinery, that will be really helpful when consulting with customers. I previously sold electrical components found within the Roboqbo, I never really got to play with the final finished product, however, one of the best bits so far has, without doubt, been discovering how good the final product looks and tastes!

  • What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?

I have just bought my first house in Spalding with my partner Jade. Away from work I play football and golf and I might even look to release some of my inner Alan Titchmarsh and give a bit of gardening a go. 

  • What’s your ultimate comfort food?

My ultimate comfort food, would have to be a Cornish Pasty, but my favourite food is definitely an Indian curry of some variety.

  • What was the last thing you ate?

Fox’s Cookie. Someone in the office ate the last Toffypop!

  • What new foods/food trends are you into/thinking of trying?

Findus Crispy Pancakes! Loved them as a child and thought they had disappeared. They could well become my new comfort food!

Joking aside, I want to start cooking more curries from scratch. I have recently made a chicken biryani and raita. Maybe a dopiaza is next on the cards. There’s lots of great fresh sauces out there.

  • Anything else you want to add…?

Its been a very interesting and exciting first month at Holmach, with my training at the Roboqbo Head Office in Bologna and then FoodEx the week after!

I welcome the opportunity to meet existing clients and potential new ones as well as seeing the excellent products they are making. I look forward to working with them in supplying solutions to help them develop as businesses.  


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