British Pie Week

5-9 March 2018 is British Pie Week and we all love a good pie, whether that’s a meat pie, fruit pie, veggie pie or a hand-raised pork pie. Holmach’s office is situated just 25 miles from Melton Mowbray and is surrounded by some excellent local butchers and producers.

On a larger scale, Holmach has the capability to reduce the cooking time of less tender, but flavoursome cuts of meats, using its Lagarde retort steam and air technology.

Used on cuts such as brisket, clod&stick (shoulder)  and shin beef, the connective tissue is broken down whilst retaining moisture.

The Lagarde process is able to achieve comparable organoleptic results in 150 minutes, that would take up to eight hours in standard stream ovens or water-based technology, whilst still using low temperature and slow cooking methods.

The steam air process is energy and water efficient and the same machine is also used for cooling to a defined temperature.

Product is usually packed into 3 kg bags, racked up and then gently steamed under pressure to ensure perfect results.



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