Don’t be the spare part of your business!

Managing the maintenance of a manufacturers machinery effectively enables the business to maintain a higher standard service level without the unnecessary high inventory cost.
Production levels increase at certain times of the year to cope with consumer demand. Here are some examples of challenges faced when ordering spare parts:
Supplier is not UK based
• Spare part required needs making specifically for the machine
• Factory closure
• Availability
• Age of equipment or machinery
• Delivery or collection

Manufacturers need to recognise that some parts can be outmost critical and might have stock-out costs that are disproportionately high compared to the value of the item. Having a stock list is recommended to minimise production downtime and at the same time service levels are maintained.
A solution would be to have the parts for each machine or, piece of equipment divided into three categories.

These are:
Highly Critical – essential to production
Moderately Critical – only moderately effect productivity and can be ordered
Low Critical – not essential to production
As well as categorising each machine we also recommend that you are aware of the delivery times of your spare parts supplier. Many manufacturers have set times of the year when the factory closes for holidays.

Supplier delivery times
August is a key month to be aware of. Many manufacturers close for a set period due to summer holidays. During this time limited service support will be offered which can affect the availability and delivery times.
December is also another month due to Christmas closure. For 2018, our spare parts department will be closed from Friday 22nd December 2017 – Tuesday 2nd Jan 2018.
Darren Ingram our After Sales Engineer recommends having the parts on your ‘Highly Critical’ list in stock. Orders should be made in plenty of time to avoid delays or production issues. Leaving orders to the last minute can often cause delays, or even wastage which, can prove costlier than having the spare part in stock. The rates for parts are marginal compared to the down time of a production line.
Whether you are looking for a quotation, or are wanting to place an order we can help.
Recommended information required when placing an order:
• Machine manufacturer and machine number
• Name, or description of part.
• Part number and if possible an image of the part
• Purchase order number

Manufacturers need to ensure that employees using the equipment or machinery have received full operational training. Lack of knowledge and understanding can often result in the replacing parts of the machine due to damage or miss-use.
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