Campden BRI Safe & Effective Food Pasteurisation Seminar takes place this week

Date : Thursday 19th October 2017

Location: Campden BRI Food & Research Centre, Chipping, Campden, Gloucestershire, GL55 6LD

Campden BRI’s Safe and Effective Food Pasteurisation Seminar takes place this week on Thursday 19th October. The seminar is being held at their Food and Services Research Centre. Chipping Campden.
Focusing on current issues and topics in relation to the safety of pasteurised food, the seminar provides an insight into the future of pasteurisation and, what is being done to improve the effectiveness of food pasteurisation.
UK food manufacturers understand the importance of having safe and effective food processes in place to ensure the quality and safety of food produced.

This year’s seminar will focus on the following :
• Safe pasteurisation of low Aw Foods – current industry guidelines
• Rapid detection methods for process effectiveness and cross-contamination of milk and meat products
• Optimising pasteurisation processes and common mistakes during the thermal process
• Emerging pasteurising technologies and their applications
• Improving shelf life of pasteurised products
• Considerations when exporting to the U.S.A.
Factory Managers, Food Production Stakeholders, Managing Directors, Pasteurisation Equipment Supplier’s, Pasteurisation Specialists such as ourselves, Retailers, and their suppliers will be attending the seminar to learn more about how to ensure the safety of pasteurised food and, to find out more about the latest update on improving shelf life.
Producing good quality pasteurised food with a longer shelf life continues to a be a ‘hot topic’. This week’s seminar will provide an insight into the latest developments that have been made.

NIKO, Revtech, and Lagarde’s food processing technology offer’s UK food manufacturers the perfect solution for producing top quality pasteurised products.

For more information on the latest technology available to the UK’s Food Manufacturers please call 01780 749097 or email

Visit to find out more about this week’s seminar.



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