Roboqobo’s Food Processing Solution for Artisan and Speciality Fine Food Producers

Roboqobo’s food processing equipment has been carefully designed and developed over the past 30 years to provide a processing solution to the food industry all in just one machine. Roboqobo is the perfect choice for Artisan and Speciality Fine Food produces in the UK.
Roboqobo’s Food Processing Technology will work with your recipes and ingredients. Working with a Roboqobo means that all production processes are reduced to just one cycle.  Processes can be saved and all parameters can be controlled, ensuring fast and consistent results.
Thanks to Roboqobo’s design and operating speed, the organoleptic values and natural colours of raw materials, aromas and flavours are enhanced, restoring their original freshness and preserving clear distinct flavours. machine

Roboqobo’s high cooking and cooling speeds will increase productivity at its integrated steam system recovers and reuses condensation, resulting in huge water and energy savings. Thanks to the Roboqobos automatic cleaning menu all the components and concealed parts are fully cleaned in a simple and safe automatic manner allowing you to produce a variety of products in one machine without the hassle of having to clean the machine yourself in between each product.

Roboqobo has become a popular choice with Artisan and Speciality Fine Food producers in the UK.

Here are some examples of the types of products easily produced using a Roboqobo:

soft cheese, hard cheese, yogurt, purees, ready-made sauces, soups, baby foods, pastries, chocolate, confectionery, pates, sauces, soups, marmalades and jams, smoothies, risotto, fruit jellies, custard and much more.

To find out more about Roboqobos Food Technology and how it can help your business grow please call the Holmach Ltd team on 01780 749097 or email:

You can also visit our dedicated


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