Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2017

The Speciality & Fine Food Fair is taking place next month on 3-5th September at Olympia, London.
Discover what’s new in the craft, artisan and speciality food at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair. Taste products from over 700 regional and international producers, be inspired by live cooking demonstrations and,  benefit from free expert advice that you can take back to your business. To find out more about the Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2017 and to register for free entry  please visit http://www.specialityandfinefoodfairs.co.uk/

If you are a Speciality and Fine Food producer or, are thinking of becoming one,  why not take a look at the latest innovating food technology by Roboqobo? a popular choice used by the industry’s leading food producers.

Roboqobo’s Innovating food technology offers the first and only product that contains a whole food processing philosophy in just one machine. Qbo is a complete and versatile work tool that cooks, cools, concentrates, kneads, refines, cuts, mixes, homogenises, pulverises all types of food products.

Excellent quality results are achieved using rapid product concentration processes that are carried out in just a few minutes, saving literally hours of time compared to traditional systems. Results of extraordinary quality with strongly enhanced aromas and unaltered natural colours.

Roboqobo’s exclusive rapid cook system produces perfect cooking that is delicate at the same time, capable of preserving the nutritional properties in foods thanks to the advanced heating system. Each processing phase is completely automatic and is carried out in a single rapid work cycle for safe, repeatable and qualitatively superior processes.

To find out more about Roboqobo’s Innovating Food Technology visit http://www.holmach.co.uk/products/roboqbo


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