Recall round-up for dry foods

This week’s recalls have featured two for contaminated dry foods: Select Golden Temple, Swad and Maya flour and Ava’s Brand Organic Cashews. With the first product potentially contaminated with a strand of E. Coli and the second with Listeria, both processed in the country of origin (Canada and the USA respectively).

Although the dangers of contamination in dry ingredients are more widely recognised in less industrialised countries due to environmental factors and food storage practices, the fact remains that all dry ingredients require thorough processing to ensure their safety and shelf stability.

One of the key new technologies on the market working to sterilise, decontaminate or roast & toast dry foods including flours, barley, hops, seeds, nuts and grains is the Revtech heat treatment system. Using two vibratory towers, the patented process works to heat the product through calibrated ‘micro’ jumps to ensure absolute consistently of colouring and treatment before reducing temperature through the cooling tower ready for bagging. As minimal steam injection is required, the essential oils are not stripped from the dry products, maintaining their original organoleptic qualities and shelf stability. Being a continuous system, the Revtech process is also beneficial in that it requires only one operator and has very low ongoing resource requirements.

REVTECH - flour - 220°C - roasting range

To find out more about possible Revtech applications, get in touch with Geoff and the team on 01780 749097.


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