‘Raw’ food processing potential with HPP

This week’s recalls in the USA have featured a voluntary recall of fresh spinach from The Horton Fruit Company, given the potential for product to be infected with Listeria. Giving the ongoing avocado frenzy in food news and the news that over 1.4 million bananas go in the bin everyday in the UK, the question of how best to process fresh produce in growing demand from millennial consumers remains key.


One of the emerging technologies that has sparked interest internationally is High Pressure Processing (HPP). The clear advantage of processing raw foods under pressure is that without the application of heat, delicate greens like spinach remain virtually unaltered to the eye and the palate following the treatment. However, at a molecular level, the larger food spoiling organisms will have been eradicated under 6,000 mBar of pressure while the product is immersed in water, allowing for a consistent process.

With conservative estimates suggesting that shelf life of products treated with HPP could be extended by up to four times, the logistical benefits in terms of added time on the shelves in supermarket is also clear to a growing number of food producers.

UHDE has been developing high pressure pumps and systems for over 80 years as part of ThyssenKrupp Engineering. With the expertise that stems from installations placed internationally and a design that is manufactured entirely within the factory to the highest available standards, its latest technology for food applications is efficient, cost-effective and can be combined into an existing line or built as a bespoke system.

To find out more about advances in HPP, call in to Holmach on 01780 749097 to speak to Chris Holland.


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