Experience the future of HPP

UHDE will be attending Interpack 2017 to demonstrate the possibilities offered by High Pressure Processing technology for extending shelf life with minimal change to raw products. Come along to Stand A47 in Hall 13 to meet the team in Dusseldorf.

High Pressure Processing works by using water pressure to treat foodstuffs uniformly at 6,000 Bar. The effect of this treatment at a molecular level is to destroy larger molecules, such as food spoiling organisms, while leaving the smaller molecules such as vitamins and flavourings intact. Taking a gentle approach to processing, this gives a pasteurized end product that is virtually unaltered from its raw state in terms of visual appearance and organoleptic properties. Ideal for high value and premium product lines such as seafood, delicate greens and juices, HPP extends shelf life by a minimum of 4x its original date, opening up new markets for food producers.

The key advantages to this process are:

  • No preservatives or heat required in treatment
  • Product pasteurized in final packaging
  • More than 4x shelf life extension
  • Preservation of natural food properties
  • Eco-friendly and efficient

To learn more about how UHDE could be beneficial to your factory, why not give us a call on 01780 749097 and arrange to meet a member of the team on stand? We’ll see you there!


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