Revtech reaping rewards at Interpack

Revtech’s innovative technology is recognised internationally by leading producers of nuts, spices and seed lines as a sterilisation system verified for a 5 Log reduction in Salmonella. The team will be on hand on Stand D02 in Hall 2 to explore the benefits Revtech could offer for product lines at Interpack from the 4th – 10th of May and we look forward to welcoming you there to learn more about this technology.

Capable of toasting & roasting, decontamination, pasteurisation and heat treatment for chemical products, Revtech’s patented system uses a unique technique to move product along the line. Through the calibration of vibrating tubes, product moves in a series of 4,000 ‘micro jumps’ throughout the system, allowing the precision of heat treatment to be very accurately pinpointed. When required to pasteurise matter, the Revtech system only requires a very small injection of steam at the end of the process as particles are first heated through contact with the hot spiral tube, which avoids stripping of essential oils. Food stuffs are also treated gently and consistently across the system, giving a final treated product that is uniform in colour, shape and organoleptic properties.

Some of the clear benefits of the system in a factory setting include:

  • Low energy consumption: ~ 80 kW.h for 1 ton of product ie. less than £0.01/kg.
  • Cleaning is vastly simplified (about 1 to 2 hours) using CIP techniques and/or pyrolysis. There are no dead zones in the machine, which consists of one continuous smooth stainless steel pipe.
  • No dust extraction equipment required, just a direct exhaust to the atmosphere.
  • Robust technology with negligible maintenance costs.
  • Continuous and fully automated process requiring little operating personnel:~1 person can run the complete line.


Campden BRI, one of the UK’s leading food research facilities has produced the following video exploring some of the advantages that Revtech represents to industrial producers:

We look forward to seeing you on Stand at Interpack! Please give us a call ahead of time to book a meeting on 01780 749097 or e-mail


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