Introducing Qbo 40-4

Launched at Sigep 2017, Roboqbo has brought to market the very latest in its Qbo cut-cook-cool line, the Qbo 40-4.

Following years of technical innovation, the Qbo 40-4 promises to be the go-to choice for mid-range batch production of artisan foods both sweet and savory. Versatility is key with Qbo line. This is true too for the Qbo 40-4, the new complete tool for cooking, cooling, concentrating, kneading, refining, cutting, mixing, homogenizing or pulverizing.

The real advantage of this unit is that it integrates or is compatible with the wide range of Roboqbo’s technical advances or additions. In practical terms, this means that the system includes:

Display touch-screen 10.1” – Resolution: 1280 x 800px;
Roboqbo software with automatic processes, advanced functions available for saving recipes, HACCP data, ON-LINE assistance, Use and Maintenance manual, data back-up system;
Connectivity: USB – Ethernet (LAN) – Wireless LAN (* optional);
Built-in steam generator with energy saving system, condensate’s recovery, no maintenance;
Jacketed bowl heating system (APS) max 120°C / cooling system with net water;
Microserrated knife with rapid locking;
Complete system for vacuum and pressurised processes;
Inverter-controlled speed adjustment;
Automatic bowl tilting;
outlet for the pneumatic output of the product;
Overpressure for fluid and semi-fluid product ejection;
Motorised internal bowl scraper;
Automatic wash programme and steam nozzle for external cleaning.

Components that are compatible with Qbo 40-4 include:

Microserrated blades knife
Smooth blades knife
Mixing tool
Basket for Candied
Liquid feeder


COOLING water & chiller
CHILLER predisposition
DIRECT STEAM into the bowl
Integrated air compressor
Samples drawing
Food steam system
For more inspiration, check out Roboqbo’s Youtube channel and get in touch with a member of Holmach’s team to discuss how Qbo could be the answer to your production process.

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