Biocopacplus – bio-based varnish for cans

In a week where issues of environmentalism have come to the fore worldwide, CFT have been looking to the future with Biocopacplus.

In Europe, food packaging accounts for 65% of the total packaging market including nearly 2 million tons metal packaging worth approximately £8 million. The industrial focus worldwide at present on food contaminants migration and health related drawbacks to packaging has led to new awareness of potential issues raised through consumer concerns. Developing new technologies to ensure high quality products is high on the agenda, with the packaging sector concentrating its efforts on safety and sustainability.

Biocopacplus was originally developed as part of the research project FP7 Biocopac( to address these concerns with a bio-lacquer. Having succeeded in creating such a polyester varnish from tomato waste, with a high content of renewable components and without BPA molecules, at present the project has moved into a semi-industrial testing phase at a pilot plant. By using the new lacquer, the preserving industry and large-scale retailers would be provided with environmentally-friendly and safer packaging, as demanded by consumers.

For more information on the project and its progress, why not see its website or Facebook page before calling the team at Holmach to find out more about CFT installations in the UK!


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