Raw food recall for Natures Menu

Natures Menu is a raw pet food provider, working as an independent retailer exporting product across Europe in its frozen form. The company’s had cause to recall its “Country Hunter” product in the last month over Salmonella contamination in shipments to the UK and Norway. The moral of the story? Potential issues of contamination or cross-contamination with raw meat and mixed vegetable foods transported and sold frozen are not to be underestimated. Taking into account the likelihood of contaminants being present and possible thawing of the product in customer’s homes, the risks in routinely leaving food unprocessed are exceptionally difficult to mitigate for independent retailers.


Far safer still to consider processing than deal with a pricey recall that hits reputation and customers alike! Luckily in this regard, the choices are plentiful. Holmach represents leading EU suppliers of food processing technology in the UK that are renowned for applications in pet food, including Lagarde’s retorts for in-container processing, Terlet’s Terlotherm for continuous cook-cool SSHE efficiency and Revtech for dried foods requiring processing, roasting or toasting in oil. With many key players in the market choosing to retort their products for a safe and accountable process, world-leader in autoclaves. Lagarde offers systems in a variety of sizes from a pilot units to a full factory set-up, all constructed to be as energy efficient as possible. Controlled by the Samantha Universal system, which is useable on both Windows and Linux systems, new advances have allowed Lagarde to extend the system to mobile supports such as smart phones and tablets. Samantha Universal also allows independent control of the temperature and pressure valves to within +/- 0.2 degrees and +/-15mbar with real time updates. Finally, the recording of cycles is in full accordance with FDA and USDA standards to ensure accountability and data is stored for up to ten years.

For more information on the possibilities offered by the leading processing systems, get in touch with Holmach on 01780 749097.


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