Terlet reconfirms commitment to Holmach

Terlet has reconfirmed its commitment to Holmach, its premier UK agency, and to continuing to serve its existing customers in the UK.

Terlet is a leading supplier of liquid and solid food processing machineries and systems for the food processing industry. Particularly well-known for its Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger, the Terlotherm, Terlet’s design benefits from a single mechanical seal and double the heated surface area compared to main competitors to aid efficient running. Recent installations in the UK for pet food and sauces have demonstrated a reliably high throughput, with greatly reduced burn or shear of particulates. The ability to handle particulates gently through the thermal process makes the Terlotherm ideal for fast food, soups, sauces, pet food and other mix preparations.

Terlet can manufacture horizontal or vertical cook-cool vessels from 50 to 50,000 litres for buffering or bulk product supply.  A large range of low and high shear mixing solutions are offered with in-vessel or inline homogenisation and emulsification, scraped surface, anchor or auger agitation. In addition, Terlet also offers the Van Meurs bag-in-box unit for aseptic and clean fill products.


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