Patchwork Pate recalls 15 varieties following Botulism scare

Patchwork pate, a medium sized producer of artisan pate, spreads and hampers based in Ruthin, has issued a recall for 15 of its pate varieties in glass jars.

The recall follows concerns over process, as the company was “unable to prove the effectiveness of its safety procedures in relation to controlling Clostridium botulinum” (Wakefield Express:

This situation is a timely reminder of the importance of safety when processing high risk foods, such as meat spreads, sea food and ready meals. Retorting is an established high quality thermal processing technology for treating such foods, led by innovations from world-renowned supplier Lagarde. Treating products under intense heat and pressure kills Clostridium Botulinum, the most heat resistant pathogen commonly found in food. Contamination of a canned food, for instance, solely with C. botulinum may not cause any visual defects (e.g. bulging). Only sufficient thermal processing during production should be used as a food safety control and processing high risk foods in particular should be done in the most efficient manner possible.

With a pilot Lagarde autoclave available from Campden BRI for food testing and further models available at the company’s headquarters in France, making accountability for the quality of process paramount has never been easier. With the latest Samantha control system for Lagarde retorts, the process parameters, control checks and real time progress can all be checked by tablet or smartphone remotely, with data from each cycle stored in an encrypted hard drive for up to ten years.

To find out more about the advantages of retorting, please contact the team.


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