Lagarde launches new website

Lagarde has launched its new website, a very user-friendly way to find out more about its retorts and their Samantha Universal control systems.

Lagarde’s S.U. prides itself on sustainability and conviviality, being easy to use and easy to understand. There are many advantages to Lagarde’s retorts, which are detailed elsewhere, but the benefits of the control system in a working environment bear reiterating.

Useable on both Windows and Linux systems, new advances have allowed Lagarde to extend the system to mobile supports such as smart phones and tablets. S.U. also allows independent control of the temperature and pressure valves to within +/- 0.2 degrees and +/-15mbar. Operators and supervisors can oversee processing batches with control, updates and cycles changes reported in real time, with additional displays of set and real time processing parameters. The environmental impact of each cycle can also be tracked, with calculated energy consumption for steam, air and water. Finally, the recording of cycles is in full accordance with FDA and USDA standards.

In an age where are producers need to take additional care to produce proof of process, all data created and saved within the system is encrypted and stored by the host for 10 years. There are unlimited possibilities of programming different users (with different permissions), recipes and batches, which can be exported in pdf. or csv. formats. It’s also possible to oversee up to 8 autoclaves from a single screen!

To find out more about the possibilities offered by processing with Lagarde, get in touch with the team today.


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