Meat processing with the Terlotherm

For those of our readers who were unable to join us at PPMA this year, the Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger from Terlotherm made a stir as one of the star features on Holmach’s stand.

Although well-known in food industry in the production of sauces and spreads, the Terlotherm is gaining a reputation as a system for meat processing. The rapid cooling possible forms smaller ice crystals during processing, improving the texture of the final product. As the Terlotherm exposes product to a heated or cooled external and interior surface, applications can lower product temperature from +7c to below 0c in minutes while creating a stronger emulsion, aiding net cooked weight and reducing the contamination of cooking oils through the single mechanical seal design.

Rotating scraper arms are able to massage meat as it is processed, clearing the heat exchange surfaces quickly and efficiently to avoid unequal heat application. One of the clear advantages for the Terlotherm over other competing systems is the huge reduction in time taken for marinade to penetrate meats. Work done in Terlet’s facilities has proven results, taking times from 3 days to just 6 hours.

Other advantages to the installation of a Terlotherm include reduced costs associated with running blast chill facilities for several days, low maintenance costs, increased running life, easy inspection of scrapers CIP as standard Increased product safety and reduced down time for cleaning.

Suitable for cubed, shredded, minced and diced meats. Ideal applications include, chicken skewers, meat balls, chicken portions including nuggets but any meat particulate has potential.
The Terlotherm has also been applied with great success to the heating, cooling and pasteurising of sauces. The unique design allowing delicate particulates and cream based sauces such as Korma, Rogan Josh and Satay to be processed at high speed with minimal damage and none of the characteristic burnt flavour of traditional heat exchangers.


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