Nut Product Recalls

nuts and seeds

In the last couple of months, the following companies have recalled batches of their nut products for potential Salmonella contamination:

  • The Hemisphere Group, Inc.
  • Natural Grocers
  • Aurora Products, Inc.
  • Waymouth Farms, Inc.
  • Superior Nut & Candy Co., Inc.
  • Hines Nut Company
  • Texas Pecan Company
  • Whole Foods Market

Revtech’s unique technology, with California Almond Board and FDA approval, allows the complete eradication of Salmonella along with other pathogens such as E Coli, Coliforms, yeasts and molds corresponding to a 5 log kill.


Revtech combines vibration transport and heating by direct contact with an impedance tube, with only a small amount of steam injected (~5%). This means that texture, taste and colour are maintained. Nuts then exit at ambient temperature and controlled moisture and are ready for packing. Not only does the Revtech system pasteurise nuts, it can dry roast, oil roast, salt and season them all in the same machine.

For more information, please contact Holmach on 01780 749097 or email


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