Barbecue Sauce- a Global Favourite


In honour of National Barbecue Week (25th – 31st May 2015), we’re taking a look at how Barbecue Sauce became a staple in cuisines around the world, from the USA and Caribbean to China and Africa.

Spanish exploration of the Caribbean brought back the concept of “barbacoa”, an interpretation of the Taino Indian word for the process of smoking meat over fire, which spread to their colonies in Florida, Latin America and the Philippines. This process can actually be traced back as far as our very early ancestors, who discovered that smoking meat both enhanced flavour and helped to preserve it. Since then our love for barbecue has only grown and spread around the world, popping up in various incarnations ever since.

This smoky flavour features heavily in most popular versions of barbecue sauce, whether smoked slowly over time or by using liquid smoke to include the same taste. German and Czech cuisine especially favours smoky and mustard flavours, heavily influencing barbecue sauces in Texas and South Caroline where their migrants settled. Other popular styles of barbecue around the world include:

  • Indian tandoori
  • Japanese teriyaki
  • Chinese hoisin
  • Mozambican piri piri
  • Argentinian chimichurri
  • Alabama White Sauce
  • Kansas City-Style BBQ Sauce

With such an esteemed history with far-reaching influences it is easy to see how barbecue sauce has become so popular all around the world, and a favourite at such social occasions as barbecues in all their forms. It can even be considered an art, with each region in not just the USA but the world offering something slightly different and special – the real flavour of the area.


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