Multi-stream by Mengibar



Holmach Ltd is delighted to present the latest in innovative cosmetics filling by Antonio Mengibar S.A. – multi-stream patterns using different products, colours and designs for a truly distinctive finished product.

Multi-stream in action

Combining the ability to control product flow with a stationary and one (or more) moving nozzles, the DM series allows clients to choose out of 12 unique artistic patterns that have so far been programmed. Flexibility is integral to the system, which is suitable for a wide range of products viscosities, formulas or filling temperatures, as well as to fill up to four different products on the same line. Changeover delays are minimal thanks to the touch screen interface control, which means that operators can simply choose a different “recipe” from the pre-programmed selection.

With a filling accuracy of less than 0.5% standard deviation and an output of up to 200 units per minute, the mechanical dosing piston filler heads also have pneumatical shut-off and a non-dripping design. Standard features for Mengibar systems such as no bottle/no fill sensors, automatic adjustments of recipe parameters via the control screen and individual bottle lifting platforms are included.

Multi-stream filling machin

Chris Holland, MD for Holmach Ltd and the UK agent for Mengibar, had this to say:

“We feel it’s been a very impressive year thus far for Mengibar, with huge interest in their filling machinery at both Interpack and PPMA. We make it our mission to represent technology that will revolutionize the UK market, and I strongly feel that the artistic potential offered by Mengibar’s DM Series will truly help clients differentiate their products from the rest of the pack.”


For further information on Mengibar’s range of capping and filling machinery for personal care and pharmaceuticals, please contact Holmach Ltd on 01780 749097 or e-mail .


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