Solutions in Action from Lagarde Autoclaves


Since it was founded in 1921, Lagarde has focused its activity on the production of industrial equipment, developing high quality machinery for applications in the agri-foods and pharmaceuticals industries, among others. Today, with more than 3700 machines delivered to 120 countries, Lagarde, based in Malataverne, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of autoclaves. The company’s cutting-edge innovations make it a major player at international level.

Lagarde Autoclaves

Lagarde has developed revolutionary sterilization technology in the form of the Steam & Air process autoclave. This thermal treatment, which is still unmatched by competing technology on the market,  enables significant reductions in energy costs while safely processing products and packaging. Here are the figures:

  • 30-50% reduction in energy consumption, compared to a water-based process;
  • 30% reduction in the volume of water required;
  • 10-20% reduction in time required for sterilization;
  • Precise control over specified pressure down to 15mbar, preventing damage to the packaging;
  • Accurate temperature throughout the autoclave down to 0.5 Celsius.

Unveiled at Cibustec in October 2014, the new Steam & Air autoclave has a four basket capacity and a 1300mm diameter. Its ergonomics, ease of use and comprehensible lay-out have ensured its popularity with customers as a groundbreaking technical innovation by Lagarde.

Heat diffuserInstalled at the end of the production line, these autoclaves add value to the end product by applying an optimized and efficient thermal treatment. During the temperature increase and maintenance phases, steam is injected automatically into the autoclave before being distributed geometrically by the efficient ventilation system to ensure a perfectly uniform temperature. During the cooling phase, the water formed from the steam condensing is combined with additional water and circulated by a pump before being sprayed onto the products. This process water can be cooled afterwards either by directly adding cold water to the circuit or through the use of a heat exchanger.

Standard Lagarde control system

Throughout the entire cycle, a command system controls the autoclave’s valves, pumps, motors and dataloggers, and independently governs the temperature and pressure in line with the programmed “scale” parameters (pre-programmed recipe settings). The system also provides information via a wireless display interface showing the alarms, graphs and cycle status.

For any further information on developments at Lagarde Autoclaves, please contact Holmach Ltd on or call 01780 749097.




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