Retorting for slow roast meats

Lagarde retorts

Holmach has recently installed a 1300 mm 5 basket static steam-air retort from Lagarde Autoclaves to support our client’s new product launch.

This premium meat product manufacturer needed to meet contracts with leading high street multiples for slow-cooked meats including lamb shanks, pulled pork and slow roast beef.

As this was an entirely new area for the client with value-added products, Lagarde retort processing, taking two hours, were compared to water bath processing, which required sixteen hours cook time. One of the major advantages Lagarde offers over a water bath is good process integrity for the product, with cooking under pressure helping to break down connective tissues for truly slow cooked flavours. Given the huge energy savings and the identical eat qualities of the finished meats, the customer decided to install a Lagarde retort with an energy utilisation control system from 68 through to 145 degrees Celsius.

Chris Holland, Managing Director of Holmach Ltd, had this to say:

“Working with this particular client through all stages of NPD work has shown what Lagarde Autoclaves have to offer. We’ve long known that retorting for meat processing gives a great depth of flavour with reduced energy consumption compared to competing processes. What we’ve found here though is that Lagarde Retorts are ideal for NPD work as new line products evolve, giving a wide range of possible process applications through different retorting methods and variable cooking parameters.”

For further information on meat processing or to find out more about Lagarde autoclaves, call Holmach Ltd on 01780 749097 or e-mail .




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