Fat reduction focus for 2014

Latest news has reported reaffirmed commitments to reducing saturated fats in products from food companies including Nestlé, Mondelez International, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Subway, Tesco and Unilever. Following the voluntary saturated fat reduction pledge launched by the UK government on 26th October 2013, Nestlé for instance has reformulated its best-selling Kit Kat chocolate bar to remove 3,800 tonnes of saturated fat per year from sales in the UK & Ireland. Almost half of all food manufacturers in the UK signed up to the original pledge.

Now, the European oils and fats business Aarhus Karlshamn (AAK) has reaffirmed its commitment to help manufacturers meet their pledge to wipe the equivalent of one and a half Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of fat from the nation’s diet this year. However, with the mean intake of fat exceeding the recommended amount of no more than 11% across all ages and sex groups, there is clearly further work to be done.


Terlet NV of the Netherlans offers pilot labskids of the Terlotherm, its premium Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger. Available for trials and leasing, these units are particularly efficient in cooking and cooling high fat sauces, spreads or liquids and can be integrated directly into the process line. All possible applications can be upscaled and replicated on the larger Terlotherm Delta series.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact Holmach on 01780 749097.


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