Holmach’s PPMA 2014 success story!

“A fantastic turn out … the best processing machinery UK show we’ve seen for four years” Chris Holland, MD.

Holmach's stand


This week has seen an exceptionally busy show for Holmach Ltd., at the Birmingham NEC arena, with huge interest in both machines on stand and consulting the team for solutions to processing challenges. All of the team and Holmach’s valued suppliers who supported us on stand would like to thank visitors for embodying the renewed vigour of the food industry with their intriguing and varied enquiries. We look forward to speaking with you shortly!

For those who did not have the opportunity to visit the show in person, read on for a glimpse of the prowess displayed on stand:

Lagarde Autoclave

Lagarde Autoclave

Holmach’s oldest principal, Lagarde of Montélimar, France, supplied a pilot autoclave for display on stand. Lagarde’s sophisticated retorting technology offers processing solutions for a wide range of products from baby food to pet food in jars, pouches, cans, pots or doy-packs, achieving a homogenous cook and high kill count as required without container deformation. Each batch can be tracked via a touch screen interface, with reports in FDA-approved formats provided after every cycle for clear traceability.

Mengibar CLF 4 Capper

Mengibar CLF 4 Capper

Mengibar of Spain has specialized in filling and closing equipment for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, household, and food products for decades. This year for PPMA a CLF 4 Capper was demonstrated on stand, used for flexible cap tightening at the end of the packaging line. Focusing on equipment which is adaptable, reliable and manufactured to the highest possible standards of sophistication, Mengibar has helped many of the biggest household names achieve their desired finished products.

Terlet's Culimaster

Terlet's Terlotherm

Terlet’s Culimaster and Terlotherm

Returning to stand for this year’s PPMA was the Culimaster for sauce processing by Terlet of the Netherlands. Once again this vessel, particularly suited to the production of starch mixes and viscous liquids, attracted huge interest on stand. To accompany this vessel, Terlet also supplied an example of its premium Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger, the Terlotherm. As a cooking or cooling vessel for particulate and/or viscous liquids, such as cooling potato mash or ethnic sauces, this model has twice the heated surface area of competing equipment for maximum efficiency.

Roboqbo's 70l Vessel

Roboqbo 15 and 70 litre vessels

Cut-Cook-Cool vessels supplied by Roboqbo of Bologna, Italy, were on stand throughout the show demonstrating the variety of possible applications with a constant production of recipes including raspberry jam, risotto and pea soup! Ideally suited to NPD work, with the option of fully scalable vessels, the Qbo line cuts, cooks, cools, homogenises, reduces and emulsifies under direct or indirect heat, vacuum or pressure, in one vessel at the touch of a button. Operators benefit from programmable recipes with a touch screen interface, making batch production of premium products as easy as loading the ingredients and then extruding the foodstuff with tilt-able machines.

To register your interest in hearing more about Holmach Ltd or to discuss a processing challenge of your own, do get in touch on either info@holmach.co.uk or call 01780 749097.


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