DDD caps the competition with Mengibar

Holmach has helped DDD Ltd establish a fast reliable line with the installation of an in-line capper from Mengibar.

Initially, the factory had used a twin headed starwheel based capper, but began to look at competing machinery when their model became slower and began to experience break downs, cutting into profit margins. Despite being familiar with starwheel based capping machines for capping their pharmaceutical goods, the company turned to in-line machines to increase line speed. Having previously purchased an in-line cap tightener from a competitor for their range of personal care, creams and emulsion products, they were already aware of the advantages of an in-line cap tightener particularly with its lack of need for change parts. However initial discussions with the competitor proved fruitless and they then contacted Holmach after a chance meeting at a PPMA show.

At the 2012 PPMA show Holmach had demonstrated the Mengibar in-line capper on its show stand to DDD representatives which piqued the interest the project team tasked with looking at alternatives to the starwheel based capper. Discussions took place between DDD and Holmach who arranged for trial samples to be sent to Spain that “half proved the technology”. Through Holmach Ltd, DDD hired the show machine for a trial period of one month in order to put it through its paces and to see if it could produce the required release torques without compromising overall product quality required for this particular line. The trial machine proved successful and DDD decided to invest in the Mengibar in line cap tightener to replace their starwheel based capper.

As Jason Rose, Project Engineer, relates, the results speak for themselves:

“The big difference we’ve noticed is the increase in line speed, from around 30 or 35 per minute to 50. It’s been so successful that we now employ an extra operator on the line as it’s running much faster, but the increased production has more than paid for the extra person. Up until now the engineers haven’t had a single complaint.”

Rose also noted that the torque release quality is superior to that of the last machine. Finally, other benefits of the unit include its compact design, which allows it to be easily changed from one size to another, simple setting and speedy changeover between lines thanks to a ‘C’ frame. Rose concluded:

“We’re at the stage now where the bottles aren’t being filled fast enough, which is down to the efficiency and reliability of the Mengibar In-Line Capper.”

Mengibar capper installed at DDD ltd
To inquire about capping and filling machines supplied by Mengibar, including the In-Line Capper, Multi Stream Filler, and Cooling Tunnels for personal care products, call Holmach on 01780 749 or e-mail sales@holmach.co.uk.

This article has been published in the June edition of CHP Packer.


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