A Juicy Alternative



Fresh fruit juices have been held back in the marketplace due to a number of factors, including a relatively high loss percentage and the expensive chilled distribution chain they require. Despite a huge (and growing) interest expressed by consumers, up until recently offering fresh juice that is safe and economically promising has proved a formidable challenge.

PurePulse, represented in the UK & Eire by Holmach, has developed UV light technology for the treatment of fresh juices to establish a longer shelf life of 21 days. In preserving natural organoleptic properties, PurePulse offers new opportunities for a growing health-conscious market in a way that finally makes business sense:

  • PurePulse enables simplified distribution chains;
  • PurePulse opens up a larger sales market;
  • PurePulse reduces loss of product on shelf.

With a 4-6 log reduction of micro-organisms, this preservation technology widens the radius for potential sales. While this often used to be restricted to 200 kilometres, using PurePulse to ensure up to a 21 day shelf life could widen this to as much as 1500 kilometers, allowing companies to reach millions more of potential customers.


  • Continuous process;
  • Capacities of between 600 and 1800 litres p/h with a maximum power of 16kW-50kW respectively;
  • Only 1-4 seconds spent in processing chamber;
  • Temperature rise of 5-15 degrees Celsius;
  • Electric field 20-40kV/cm;
  • As previously noted, a 4-6 log reduction of micro-organisms.


For more information, please contact Holmach on 01780 749097 or e-mail info@holmach.co.uk.



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