Sweet Treats


With the long-awaited summer sunshine comes a host of sweet treats, loved by children and adults alike in good weather. From ice cream to cheesecake, marshmallows and sugared strawberries, traditional treats with a twist celebrating the middle months of the year sweeten the welcome reprieve from standard British weather.

Roboqbo’s cut-cook-cool single cycle vessels can play a starring role in the creation of a new special appetizer to be the highlight of the year. Capable of refining, emulsifying, reducing, cooking and cooling under pressure, the fast process action keeps incredible textures and flavours from the original foodstuffs vivid in the mouth, at the touch of a button. With programmed recipes and in-process monitoring of pressure/temperature,  the Qbo line delivers reliable batches of premium products.

Ideal for the preparation of fruit coulis and bases for ice cream, marzipan, custard, dolche de leche, marshmallow (with the attachment Aeroqbo, a whip tool for aerated products), fruit or vegetable smoothies, nut pastes, chocolate spreads… the Qbo line produces high-quality batch products for SME production or NPD work to find the next new craze.

Cashew nut butter sorbet with crystallized ginger? The Qbo line can refine the cashews to a smooth paste of down to 20 microns in minutes, and crystallize fruit with a basket attachment in 12 hours.

Cherry and beetroot summer soup? With a selection of chopping, cutting and mixing paddles, the Qbo can handle fruits to protect these fragile particulates, and create reductions to richly enhance soups or sauces.

Mint marshmallows lightly dusted with dark cocoa powder? For a gourmet taste, Roboqbo have created a new whip tool called Aeroqbo that aerates evenly for mousse, marshmallows and confectionery. Equally, creating a vivid mint paste from leaves or refining sugar can be done in minutes at the touch of a button.

What will your next project be?


For more information on Roboqbo’s line of machines, contact Holmach on 01780749097 or email info@holmach.co.uk .


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