Campden BRI Day and Thermal Processing Conference


In anticipation of a busy next week in Chipping Campden, Holmach is excited to reveal further details about the company’s involvement in Campden BRI day and the Thermal Processing Conference, running next Wednesday and next Thursday-Friday respectively.


Campden BRI Day, an exciting networking and exhibition event on the 11th of June, will be attended by both Chris Holland and Holmach’s Technical Sales Director, who will be on hand to discuss developments in thermal processing across the food industry. The key speech this year will be given by Dr. Mehmood Khan, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of PepsiCo Global Research and Development, who will give a lecture concerning the profound challenges facing the market and offer some lessons from PepsiCo’s Global R & D on how to identify growth areas for the future.

Further details can be found on Campden BRI’s website here.


Holmach: Six benefits of REPFEDS was published in Food Production Daily on the 1st of April 2014.

Holmach: Six benefits of REPFEDS was published in Food Production Daily on the 1st of April.


As one of the first lectures of the day at the Thermal Processing Conference, Chris Holland will discuss the importance of retorting in waste reduction for pasteurised ready meals. As an established figure in the field, having introduced its usage widely throughout the UK & Ireland, Chris has contributed to academic and practical reviews of this process and is widely regarded as an authority on the matter.

For a taste of the lecture, please see the article published by Food Production Daily above, which establishes 6 distinct benefits of the use of Refrigerated Processed Foods of Extended Durability with reference to an installation at Holmesterne Foods for ready meal processing.


Holmach is also present as a lunchtime sponsor for the event, with both Chris and the company’s Marketing Executive on hand to answer informal queries over lunchtime or at the conference dinner in the evening. Chris will only be available for consultation on the Thursday, but further information will available from Holmach’s stand throughout the two day conference.


Other speakers at the conference include Layne Martin of Hormel Foods, USA, who will discuss the assumptions inherent in process calculations for thermal processing, and Ian Britt of the Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists, USA, who will speak about temperature, heat and lethality distribution in food processing systems.


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