Plum Baby Bread & Butter pudding recalled due to under-processing

Plum Baby Foods is recalling pouches of its Plum Bread & Butter Pudding in the UK and Ireland with a ‘best before’ date of January 15th 2015. The reason given for the recall is that the product was under-processed, which means that this foodstuff may spoil and be unsafe for consumption. Until recently, this dessert had been processed using Lagarde retorts. For more information, please see Food Recalls HACCP Europa here.

Lagarde retorts have long been the technology of choice for Baby-Food processing in the Uk & Ireland. With experience of handling a range of established and emerging packaging types from cans to trays to flexible pouches, Lagarde offers a choice of static, rotary and oscillating retorts to ensure that product is pasteurised to the same extent throughout.

Together with full traceability throughout each cycle for the autoclaves thanks to the production of batch reports in FDA approved formats, the patented Samantha control system allows users to store recipes, consult evaluations of the batch reports as well as giving control over the process temperature and pressure.

Premium baby food brand Truly Scrummy manufactured by Kealth Foods recently installed a Lagarde retort for the treatment of its line of pouches. Benefiting from specially designed trays that allow maximum retort utilisation while the product is gently steamed, Kealth’s autoclave has allowed the company to save energy and reduce the environmental impact of each pouch produced.

Gary Bulmer, Kealth’s M.D., had this to say:

“When we contacted Holmach we were unfamiliar with retorting equipment, ancillaries and procedure. Holmach has provided us with excellent technical support and assistance, coupled with the quality of the Lagarde machine and PC based control, we were able to always ensure the best quality as well as complying with ever increasing reporting requirements. Holmach’s after sales support has also been exemplary.”

For any further information regarding the use of Lagarde retorts for baby food, please contact Holmach on 01780 749097 or e-mail


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