Interpack 2014 – a huge success for Holmach’s principals

Following the huge success that was Interpack 2014 with over 175,000 visitors, here is a quick summary of Holmach’s principals who were at the show from 8th to 14th May in Düsseldorf, Germany!

Heating and Cooling with Terlet in Hall 7a, Stand B32

Terlotherm scraped surface heat exchangers are already the market leading technology in Europe and the latest generation continues to be updated to maintain its position as cutting-edge machinery, with one on Terlet’s stand throughout the show. Designed for heating, cooling, crystallising or gelling, its unique design means low energy consumption and maintenance. Developments for the latest generation include metal and x-ray detectable scrapers and product contact seals, an improved CIP system with focused hygienic design, and electronic leak detection. Terlet met with several of our UK customers over the week and enjoyed the opportunity to explain its range of products in more detail on stand.


Thermal Processing with Lagarde and Revtech

Pasteurising and sterilising of in-pack products came courtesy of Lagarde, who presented a pilot rotary autoclave on stand H26 in Hall 5, which is ideal for process evaluation and recipe development. Lagarde’s full range of rotary and static processing vessels includes retorts capable of handling everything from meals in trays to rice in pouches, sauces in glass, soups in cans and beans in pots. There was never a dull moment for the team on stand, with many promising conversations had about the benefits of Lagarde technology.
Revtech manufactures patented decontamination and toasting/roasting equipment for seeds, nuts, herbs, cereals and spices, and had a pilot unit on stand D02 in Hall 2 during the show. Vibratory transport techniques ensure no damage to delicate products and a 6 log pasteurisation is achievable without denaturing. Recently this machinery received the California Almond Board proof of process for a 5 log reduction on microbial populations and the complete eradication of pathogenic organisms. Revtech’s team met with many new clients during the week and found the opportunity to present its machinery to international customers invaluable.
Fillers and Seamers with CFT and Niko

CFT Group presented a selection of its latest developments at Interpack on its stand C78 in Hall 13. For ultra clean installations and high speed beverage lines there is the new generation 8 Head Seamer for high accuracy filling, and the Filler Seamer Monoblock for canned or carbonated drinks. Additionally, CFT displayed a Vacuum Seamer for vegetable products, its Zenith Chrono Monoblock extraction and inactivation system for fruit and vegetables, and a bag in box unit for liquids or viscous products. With its striking design, no wonder there was a real buzz around the CFT stand throughout the show!
Niko of Germany, specialists in machinery for the processing of pickles and condiments displayed its In-Line Filler on stand E27 in Hall 6. Capable of taking a variety of jar sizes with the same pincers, this model is particularly efficient at handling delicate particulates. Niko were very pleased to have spoken with a range of clients both old and new and look forward to welcoming interested parties to visit its factory in the nearby town of Nettetal.


Robotic Handling Systems with Jorgensen Engineering

Experts in package handling from palletizing/depalletizing to  loading and conveying, Jorgensen Engineering had a very productive week at Interpack with a great deal of interest in their complete automated lines.


And now for something a little bit different:


Filling & Capping for Pharmaceuticals with Mengibar

Established world leaders in providing filling & capping solutions for personal and household items, Mengibar aim for constant innovation with each new machine and showed its technical advances in the Filler Capper Monoblock at Interpack 2014 on Stand D06 in Hall 8a.

Capable of filling different products using the same unit without needing to process each in batches, it is suitable for any type of cap, trigger pump or dosing pump. The filling mechanism loads production data automatically from an electronically stored recipe to minimise product waste, allowing clients to meet the best working conditions from the outset. Built to clean in place without splashing over dry zones of the machine, the Monoblock’s high performance design also includes transparent panels for easy visual inspection as part of maintenance.

Mengibar were pleased to welcome several UK clients on its stand throughout the week, followed by Managing Director of Holmach Chris Holland, who had this to say:


“Interpack is always a great occasion to get noticed amongst the crowd, and we at Holmach are pleased to say that this year has been noticeably busier than ever before. Very fruitful meetings and first encounters were had by all of our principals and UK clients referred by Holmach, and we look forward to seeing what the rest of this year will bring.”


Fidel Mengibar and Chris Holland in front of the Monoblock filler capper by Mengibar


For more information on any of these companies, don’t hesitate to contact Holmach on 01780 749097 or e-mail


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