Biting the broccoli, beetroot and bok choy


Recent headlines have spoken in depth about the health benefits that munching down on additional portions of vegetables each day could bring to the UK population.green_vegetables

The British Heart Foundation in particular have displayed strong evidence suggesting that additional vegetable consumption can lower the risk of cancer and heart attacks, after surveying over 2000 UK adults. Eating seven portions or more reduced the likelihood of death from these health problems by 31 and 25% respectively, with each additional portion consumed bringing more health benefits.

However, it’s been shown that only 25% of British adults meet the current target of five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, with the same number struggling to afford fresh produce in the last week.

Huge challenge or green light for foodie opportunities?

A promising trend for health conscious companies lies in the growing vegetable juices and smoothies sector. Studies have shown that more young professionals and students are eating breakfast on the go or at the office, making quick and easy breakfast choices more in demand than ever before. Larger companies such as Weetabix and Belvita are capitalizing on this change in lifestyle  by targeting the one in five consumers who skip breakfast with on the go drinks and breakfast biscuits (unheard of three years ago, but quickly growing to dominate the healthy biscuits market), with a gap in the market for vegetable juices to start your day.

Innovative cut-cook-cool technology from Roboqbo could help small health conscious companies kick off a breakfast vegetable product that retains the greatest amount of nutrients and organoleptic properties.

Capable of both direct steam injection and indirect heating through the vessel’s jacket, the Qbo series can produce fruit and vegetable smoothies in under 10 minutes. With a series of attachments, the unit can be equipped to refine down to 5 microns for smooth drink with added fibre. The machinery can also be used to mix and pasteurize juices, or to produce chilled dips and spreads to appeal as a mid-morning snack for workers.

For more information about the Qbo series, contact Holmach on 01780 749097 or email


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