Introducing the Maxxitherm by Terlet for sauces, soups and spreads

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Diagram of the Maxxitherm by Terlet

Designed to melt, mix and cook raw materials in the productions of particulate sauces, spreads, fruit preparations and soups, the Maxxitherm gently pasteurises foodstuffs while retaining original organoleptic properties. Thanks to the horizontal heated coiled agitator which has an optimized surface area and scrapes the walls of the vessel, the Maxxitherm is designed to work best as a batch preparation tank for rapid heating and evaporation.

The design of the coiled agitator and the double jacketed tank bottom enables a rapid heating process due to the large heating transfer, with the product always being held between two heated surfaces. Continuously moving the coiled agitator whilst scraping the vessel’s sides ensures that the product does not over-heat by remaining in contact with the same surface. Colours, particulate structure  and natural aromas are better preserved because of being agitated throughout and kept for a relatively short time at this high temperature. Additionally, the option to cook under vacuum pressure enables cooking at a low temperature to minimize evaporation.

Given the open structure of the coil, this technology ensures the gentle handling of particulate products and makes CIP cleaning easy with no blind spots within the unit. Vacuum cooling is made easier through the height of  the tank, which allows the product to expand at the end of the process. Coming in 1000, 1750 and 2500 liter units, cooking and cooling rapidly with maximum preservation of organoleptic properties and textures is guaranteed with the Maxxitherm by Terlet.

Advantages of the Maxxitherm:

  • Easily cleanable;
  • Easily accessible;
  • Large heating transfer;
  • Gentle handling of the product;
  • No loss of product.

Applications of the Maxxitherm

  • Cooking under atmospheric pressure;
  • Cooking under vacuum;
  • Evaporating;
  • Mixing and stirring.

For more information, please call Holmach on 01780749097.


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