Introducing Terlet’s Culimaster – a world of difference.

Culimaster by TerletFlexibility is key with the Culimaster system, where every conceivable process parameter can be adjusted and stored in the recipe management software. Built on one skid, the design is sturdy and easy to maintain with a comparatively small factory foot print – the largest model is just 3500mm long by 3000mm broad. Providing a complete solution to batch production, the model can also be expanded to form part of an automatic, continuous preparation line using Terlotherms, the market leading scraped surface heat exchanger.

Basic elements in the Culimaster design are the 1,500 litre vacuum kettle, with Terlet’s famous bottom driven agitator and the high shear rotor stator homogenizer for stable emulsions, which are based on 50 years of experience in mixing and emulsifying. Heating is done indirectly through the tank jacket, but direct steam injection can also be used if this is required.

Far from being just a positive pump, the rotor stator homogenizer is able to pump liquids with varying performances at different viscosities. Throughout the process of preparing any oil in water emulsion, the flow and retention time in the rotor stator would vary. For this reason, the Culimaster also comes equipped with a standard lobe pump, providing a constant flow and retention time in the homogenizer.

Building the machine’s design around a bottom driven agitator means optimized mixing for the foodstuff and optimized cleaning, with a huge reduction on “dead space”. This design structure also allows for maximal hygienic access to the tank and the product without disrupting the single seal. With the bottom of the tank poised on a 20˚ slope, discharging viscous products is also simplified.

The use of a heated jacket or direct steam injection will allow the use of hot swell “clean label” starches even on light or extra light versions of mayonnaise where fat contents below 20% are possible without the need for expensive modified starch.

In addition to producing condiments, the unique Culimaster can produce mixed particulate sauces without the use of the homogeniser. This means that even delicate particulates can be handled.   Liquids and powders are sucked in using the vacuum system, and even vacuum cooling can be used as part of the process, especially effective when de-aeration is required.

Machines are available from 40 to 1500 litres, with or without heated jacket and direct steam injection. For further information contact Holmach on 01780 749097 or at



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