Meet the first “plantscrapers”


An example structure built in the USA.

One Swedish entrepreneur, Hans Hassle, has made his mark on city-scapes as founder and CEO of the urban agriculture company Plantagon. Comprising a spherical spiral of elevated fields under glass, his helix design aims to be as efficient as possible. Cutting food miles, maximising yields and optimising energy use is achieved by linking up with infrastructure networks that distribute waste heat from biogas plants. Using hanging growing trays and an “ebb and flow” irrigation system, the company expects each square metre of these facilities to generate about 120kg of produce each year – double the amount of a typical farm.


The vertical future of farming

With a 4000 square metre installation in Linköping southwest of Stockholm and a smaller facility in Singapore to be completed by the end of 2015, Hassle has plans to see a hundred installations worldwide in the next 15 years. Current projections warn that the finite space on earth will have to provide for another two billion people by 2050. With this in mind, Hassle’s venture plans to tackle our fear “that we won’t be able to feed the world in the future because of urban sprawl”. He also adds that this trend has the power to transform not only food’s means of production but also its place in the public consciousness, saying that “it is times to bring food back into people’s lives”.

Keeping it green

Bringing the natural colours of foodstuffs back into daily life is where the Qbo series excels. Roboqbo of Italy manufacture cook-cool vessels capable of chopping, mixing, refining, heating and cooling products in one cycle. With CIP capability, in-process temperature control and electronic recipe management, maintaining the organoleptic properties of each batch can be guaranteed. Pesto sauces, vegetable soups and spinach purées processed gently and efficiently to give a high quality finished product with extra greenery – to find out more, see Roboqbo’s youtube channel here, or give Adam at Holmach a call on 01780 749097.


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