Introducing the Macropak RVL/2T aseptic filler

Huge flexibility, compact design, and increased automation of the filling process and controls make the Macropak RVL/2T the ideal machine for niche products. Capable of handling bags from 5-220 kg, this system is also compatible with a variety of cap sizes. Possible applications include The Macropak RVL/2Tall agroindustrial liquids and viscous products, as well as those with particulates.

Like all aseptic fillers manufactured by Rossi & Catelli, the Macropak RVL/2T exclusively uses steam to sterilize the machine and cap machine – thus eliminating any possibility of product contamination.

The Macropak RVL/2T is built from:

  • One support frame made from AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Two mobile aseptic heads made from AISI 316 stainless steel with 1” valve and a 1” spout. Pre-sterilized by steam, they are automatically kept sterile at 100˚c with temperature control.
  • One group of aseptic valves for sterilization of the machine using steam.
  • One dosing system with an electromagnetic flowmeter.
  • Two loose roller conveyors for handling drums under the filling heads.
  • One unit for steam filtration and pressure reduction to two different values: 0.8/1.2 bar for steam barriers, 2.5 bar for product circuit and cap sterilization.
  • Two adapters for the recovery of washing solution and for machine sterilization.
  • One control system, comprising a control panel, electro-pneumatic panels, and the operator interface panel.

Offering multiple advantages compared to competitors’ machines on the market, the Macropak RVL/2T has low utility requirements and low maintenance costs. It requires no chemical agents for filling products with pH <4.5, and has the benefits of fully automated cleaning and increased levels of control over the filling process. Coming with a range of optional add-ons, the system is ideal for products in the organic market.

For all enquiries, please call Holmach Ltd. on 01780 749097 or e-mail


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