Holmesterne Foods poses with pouch

The two door Holmesterne retort from Lagarde, installed by Holmach Ltd.Holmesterne Foods, based near Northallerton, has installed a Lagarde static retort through Holmach Ltd for the processing of meat products in pouches.

The beef ribs in a barbecue sauce are a delicious new venture for Holmesterne, which will lead to other products being launched in the near future.

Holmesterne Foods are part of a new wave of specialist meat processors, who supply high quality meat products to both the catering, wholesale and retail trades.

Using the Lagarde retort allows them to fully cook the product, giving extended shelf life in distribution. As well as pouches of meat, the retort can cook joints to a specified core temperature and then cool, if necessary, to below 5˚c. Added to this is a capability to pasteurise recipe dish products and doypacks of sauces. All processes are automatically recorded for evaluation and validation.

Holmesterne carried out extensive trials at Lagarde’s research facilities in the Southern Rhone valley, France. Following the installation, Holmach personnel carried out comprehensive training on site.

Steven Holden, Holmesterne’s Commercial Director, commented that:

“We went to Holmach & Lagarde because of their huge experience and following a recommendation from a 3rd party. The unit is beautifully constructed, is easy for our operators and technical people to use and has exceeded our expectations with regards to its flexibility.”

The two door unit allows separation between low risk and high risk areas, while the compact installation allows maximum utilisation of limited factory space.

For more details about how Lagarde retorts could help your company process ready meals, contact Chris Holland on 01780749097 or see our website: http://www.holmach.co.uk/lagarde.html


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