Kerry Ingredients installs Niko tunnel cooler


Kerry Ingredients has installed a NIKO cooler at the Tenbury Wells facility to handle a range of high quality syrups for coffee bars and food outlets. Focusing on maximum energy sufficiency and recovery, NIKO is Europe’s leading manufacturer of tunnel pasteurisers and coolers. Typical advantages of its technology include a unique and patented low friction pump system. Requiring just 50% of the energy per hour of a conventional “off the shelf”
design, this machinery gives twice the equivalent flow of competitors per kW/hour.

Using rainwater technology in their pasteurising and cooling tunnels allows for huge flows of water with minimal pressure, giving dynamic processing in both heating and cooling sections. Accurate control is coupled with the latest recording and data acquisition software to comply with electronic records filing with Government and regulatory authorities.

Additionally, the specially designed cooler infeed and discharge ensures that even unstable containers can be handled without risk of falling. Maintenance is kept to a minimum thanks to the use of long life belting material specified by the NIKO designers – some of the many installations in UK and Ireland are over 30 years old and still in daily operation!

Tunnel pasteurisers and coolers are in essence bespoke machines, as they are constructed for and tailored to the duty required of them. However, NIKO’s modular design allows these systems to be lengthened or even converted from cooling only to adding a headspace or a full pasteurisation step.Kerry Ingredients - NIKO tunnel cooler

Regarding this installation, Chris Joules of Kerry Ingredients commented:

“The team at Kerry Ingredients conducted a review of a number of cooler suppliers and came to the conclusion that the NIKO offer was a good fit for our requirements. The machine is well built, was delivered within our required (and very tight) timetables, and has performed to our specifications.”

Existing systems using NIKO technology range from pickles and cook-in-sauces to jams, juices, and ready meals in the UK. Having recently been chosen as NIKO’s agent to replace a previous distributorship arrangement, Chris Holland of Holmach Ltd. emphasized the company’s leading profile, describing the company as “designed for the increasingly demanding markets of tomorrow.”

For further information on NIKO’s systems, please contact Chris Holland on tel: 01780 749097, e-mail: or consult our website:


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