Roboqbo’s range responds to marshmallow makers!

Roboqbo has responded to the growing market for gourmet marshmallows with a new whip tool called the AeroQbo. Made of Aisi 316 stainless steel, this device is designed to be used in conjunction with the Qbo – Universal Processing series. Being able to cook up to 125˚C, this technology can also cool, concentrate, mix, cut and homogenise or refine any kind of food or similar product. Given that it is so versatile, the Qbo series is ideal for small, medium and large food-processing companies, research laboratories, firms operating in the confectionary, food-preserving and ready meals sectors, and catering businesses. Developing the AeroQbo attachment broadens the machinery’s capabilities yet further, and will be of particular interest to confectioners.

AeroQboIncorporating air, modified atmosphere and CO2 into the product mix, this innovative utensil allows for high quality batches with a delicate production process. Particularly well suited to foods that have a soft and foamy consistency, use of the AeroQbo creates food stuffs that are uniformly amalgamated thanks to its particular construction design.
Roboqbo’s AeroQbo attachment allows users to benefit from:

• Operation processes in airtight environments;
• Possibility of modified atmosphere;
• High volume increase;
• Temperature control during the working cycle.

Perfectly aerated, soft and foamy structures for confectionary like marshmallows is made easy with use of the AeroQbo. Furthermore, this attachment is ideal for any recipe which requires the incorporation of air during the production process in a perfectly homogenous way. Other possible applications include chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache, meringues, macaroons, and aerated chocolate.

Roboqbo models are available in sizes ranging from their 15 litre to 500 litres vessels, with outputs varying from 30 to 1,000 kgs an hour. Capable of both pressure and/or vacuum processing, they have a standard valve for emptying a batch or can be tilted mechanically to allow for easy extraction of more viscous products. Lastly, the touch screen control allows for electronic storage of recipes, with complete accurate control and management of each batch.

Machines are available for lease and testing from Holmach Ltd., as well as for outright sale. More information about Roboqbo can be found on, or please phone Holmach Ltd. on +44 (0)1780 749097 where Adam Hodson, our Technical Sales Manager, is waiting to take your call.


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