Revtech leads in the treatment of flour, grains and cereals.

In the last few months, Revtech of France has produced a number of systems for the pasteurisation, toasting and roasting of flour, cereals and grain products using their unique spiral vibratory technology.


Revtech System

Revtech System

Most recently a customer in Japan has purchased two units for puffing rice and barley for use in snack foods and for reducing the infusion process when making Mugicha or Barley tea.
Not only able to achieve a 6 log reduction of micro-organisms during pasteurisation, the technology can also colour dry ingredients to EBC levels as high as 1500 without the risk of fire and with homogeneous treatment. The continuous system is able to process from 300 to 13,000 kg per hour.
A recent extruded food required a liquor of flavouring and vitamins to be atomised onto the surface of the snack food, prior to toasting. This saved over 40% of the previously required volume per chip resulting in considerable cost savings. This can also be used to achieve oil or air roasting of nuts and seeds.

Another application was for heat treating flour, bran and germ, to both stabilise the product during storage, inhibit the enzymatic activity and modify the viscosity profile to allow an even thickening over time, when used as a food ingredient.
Revtech has recently installed another system for seeds and nuts and now has achieved full Almond Board of California approval for its processing system when killing bacteria such as e.Coli, Salmonella and Listeria in nuts.


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