Terlotherm – now with metal detection

Adding to Food safety, Terlet has announced that all new Terlotherms, the market leading scraped surface heat exchangers,  can be fitted with metal detectable scrapers to ensure damaged material does not enter the food chain.

Terlotherm_HDR2After a 4 year project to develop a material that could be used without impacting on the life of the scraper (or Terlotherm!)  the new scrapers were launched in May 2013.  Available to retro-fit to existing Terlotherms, the scrapers can be inspected or changed without disturbing the mechanical seal, maintaining the life of the seal and ensuring that cleaning of the exchanger plays no part in durability.  In addition, Terlet has developed a complete range of metal detectable gaskets for the Terlotherm as well, making the Terlotherm number 1 in food safety. The detectable gasket material is in compliance with the EC1935/2004 and the 21CFR177.2600 guidelines.

Commenting on the development, Chris Holland said:  “Terlet has been working on a reliable long term solution to detection of scrape material for a number of years.  We are delighted that this advance further reinforces the Terlotherm’s market leading position, whether in diary, fruit or other aseptic or non-aseptic applications for heating or cooling.”

Further information can be seen on the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZzP70Z5OHI


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