Holmach loads up with Jorgensen

Holmach Ltd is delighted to announce that they are the new agents for Jorgensen Engineering, leading manufacturer of retort loading and unloading systems, robot / high-speed depalletisers and tray handling systems. The agreement was signed at the end of 2012.

Jorgensen Engineering, founded in 1933, develops, produces and markets equipment and complete packaging handling systems for the food, pet food and health care industries.
Based in Odense in Denmark, the Jorgensen Group employs 210 people, dedicated to the international packaging handling business.

Jorgensen is a customer orientated company, and through competent and specialised engineers, Jorgensen creates innovative and profitable solutions. Jorgensen’s strength is customer dialogue contributing to the best individual solution. Combined with an effective project management Jorgensen ensures a quick and safe delivery. . .from single machines to turnkey projects.

Together with customers, such as Nestle, Danone, Tetra Pak, Heinz, Abbott etc., Jorgensen has developed numerous user-driven innovative package handling systems – to handle all kind of packs and to ensure a high degree of automation, speed, safety and hygiene. Examples include retortable cartons and flexible pouches in retort applications and a semi automatic robotic handling system to aid manual loading of ready meals.

Chris Holland, Managing Director of Holmach commented: “Jorgensen has been in contact with Holmach for over 30 years, but conflicting business interests meant that we could not cement a formal partnership. Now, Jorgensen’s latest range of retort and tray handling equipment, fits like a glove with our market leading autoclave technology, and we are delighted to be working together.

The partnership has already lead to two major automated retort contracts for delivery to the UK, both on semi rigid and flexible containers.



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