Terlotherm holds the lead in petfood cooling

Leading high quality pet food manufacturer, Naturediet, have installed a Terlotherm scraped surface heat exchanger from Terlet of Holland.

Scraped surface heat exchangers are designed to bring about rapid heating or cooling without burning or solidifying the product on the walls of the vessel.

Naturediet’s unique Aseptic pet food production ensures the highest possible end quality with ultimate palateabilty. However cooling was giving them a different challenge

Having tried sets of scraped surface heat exchangers from other manufacturers, Naturediet were fed up with the constant leaking of the seals, necessitating frequent down time for seal changes, with aseptic seals being a very expensive maintenance issue.

The unique Terlotherm ensures that inspection and scraper changes can be carried out without disturbing the single mechanical seal. A single Terlotherm has replaced a set of 3 units, with resulting savings in running costs and maintenance, plus the Terlotherm takes up the minimum of line space being floor standing.

The Terlotherm is able to heat and cool petfoods slurries, gravies and jellies, with no risk of product damage, and meat pieces of upto 25mm dice can pass with no damage. The system also generates minimum pressure on delicate ingredients.


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